Folkestone UR General View
An Urban Room tends to be a multi-use space
But sometimes they can be in temporary locations


This is usually a place where the public can directly engage within a physical space dedicated to understanding the past, present and future of their town or city.

An urban room can act as an exhibition hall, a community centre and a learning space, while giving people opportunities to help redesign and re-imagine their city’s, or town’s, future.

Details of the Urban Rooms Network can be found here.


Initially HUDG will be limiting their Urban Room to an online presence, with a series of changing topics which the Group consider may be of wider interest. At present practical and financial issues prevent HUDG developing the Urban Room as a permanent physical entity, but if it seems appropriate, once we are beyond Covid, temporary pop-up exhibitions may be set up from time to time, similar to the SoCad events of the past (see Archive).